Western Washington University Offering Online Cannabis Certificate

Looking to enter the burgeoning cannabis product industry? Western Washington University (WWU) has introduced a new online certificate program tailored to individuals keen on mastering the craft of developing and designing various cannabis-infused products, including gummies, chocolates, oils, and more.

This initiative marks the university’s latest effort to expand its offerings in cannabis education.

Dubbed the Cannabis Product Development and Design certificate, this program provides participants with the opportunity to explore the intricacies of cannabis extraction science, learn the art of crafting high-quality products to meet diverse preferences and needs, and develop strategies for establishing compelling cannabis brands. The program’s website elaborates on these offerings, highlighting the comprehensive nature of the curriculum.

WWU has partnered with Green Flower, a company specializing in collaborating with universities and colleges to deliver cannabis-focused coursework aimed at preparing individuals for roles in the growing cannabis workforce.

According to Max Simon, CEO of Green Flower, the program aims to equip participants with the skills needed to manufacture a wide range of cannabis products, spanning from edibles to tinctures, topicals, concentrates, and more. Simon emphasizes the increasing demand for cannabis products not only for recreational purposes but also for addressing issues such as sleep disorders, pain management, and mental health conditions like depression.

Simon underscores the significance of the program’s association with the university, stating that it lends a sense of legitimacy, trust, and credibility to participants, leveraging the university’s reputation as a reputable educational institution.

Furthermore, Simon notes that the cannabis industry is on the verge of significant developments in its relationship with the federal government. Currently categorized as a “Schedule I” drug by federal authorities, marijuana’s status may soon be reevaluated, with the Biden administration considering reclassifying it as a “Schedule III” substance.

Such a rescheduling could potentially unlock opportunities for expanded research initiatives and grant cannabis-related businesses greater access to banking services, thereby fostering a more open and regulated industry landscape.

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