African American Women and Equal Pay

Today, we live in a world characterized by certain days of the year, sidelined for certain events to be celebrated. While to some, these so-called special day(s) set aside aren’t so special after all. However, one of such days has been set aside to honor African American women for their quest for equal pay. August 22nd was the day set aside to commemorate this event.

Popular Views: Equal Pay and African American Women

As much as there is a widespread outcry patterning to not only African American Women but also Women in general in relation to equal pay in the US. This situation has over time proven worrisome for many Women in the world. Championed by Tracee Ellis Ross, Issa Rae as well as many more black female celebrities, these powerful black Women have been taking their frustrations to the most popular social media platforms.

In order for them to make their voices heard they came up with T-shirts with the hash tag (#) phenomenal woman in accordance with the most popular social media outlets. The T-shirts, however, weren’t for show, rather for advocating for black Women to be paid the same as their white counterparts. This of course came as no surprise to many considering black Women in the US make 61 cents for every dollar that white men make.

Rising Concern

Amidst this quest for equal pay by African American Women, it is still shocking to note that, over a 40 year career, Women overall lose $418,800 as a result of the wage gape, with Women of color losing almost $870,000. It should equally be worthy to note that, high-wage black female professionals such as lawyers, surgeons, and engineers earn around 64 cents per dollar. When it comes to African American Women and equal pay, there are wholesale arguments surrounding this context. However, enclosed below is a very pertinent point patterning to equal pay.

We are all Humans

Forget race and cultures we are all humans. Like the bible says “God created man out of his own image and likeness”. Therefore, judging by this statement, it means we are all equal before God’s sight and as such, we humans have a significant role in honoring God’s wish.

As difficult as these may sound, there is no better place to begin this change or quest of advocating for equal pay for both men and women of all races other than in the United States of America. This nation came to existence thanks to the efforts our ancestors (men and women). Remember the only constant variable in life is change and together we’d make equal pay a mainstay in the United States of America for all.