It is 2021, and despite many states opting to make cannabis legal for its medicinal and recreational uses, many other still find it hard to follow suit. Shockingly enough, people continue to be punished and incarcerated for having as little of an ounce of cannabis in some states. While these seem ordinary to some people, what bothers many people is that people of color stand a higher chance of being arrested which is a cause for concern.

Marijuana Holiday 4/20

Amidst the administrative bottlenecks surrounding the cannabis industry, the future of the cannabis industry remains a bright one sandwiched with the fact that many cannabis events on the carts continue to be acknowledged despite the occurrence of the covid-19 pandemic. While these events were disrupted by Covid-19, virtual alternatives events became the owner of the day. Also, many big-time players in the industry continue to leverage the occasion as a ploy to promote cannabis causes and products.

Cannabis Advocates (Ben & Jerry)

Ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s stands are not just known for sharing love and sweetness with its delicious and sumptuous ice cream. Also, they are taking it a step further by advocating for the federal legalization of the cannabis plant.

Despite the myths associated with the use of cannabis, research compiled by physicians and cannabis researchers only highlight the positive of this plant and what humanity is losing if states fail to legalize cannabis. This is why Ben & Jerry’s are making use of every informative platform possible (social media), other communication mediums available, and 4/20 to highlight the harms of federal marijuana prohibition, particularly for communities of color.

420 Deserves To Be Celeberated

According to Ben & Jerry’s, the legalization of cannabis in the United States must have equity at its heart. This is evident as the firm calls Congress to the [Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement] Act. This Act would not only make cannabis legal but also expunge prior cannabis convictions and make sure that legalization benefits all of us and most especially turn 4/20 into a day that we all can celebrate.

There are many benefits associated with the legalization of cannabis, and legalization is the only missing piece in this puzzle (Ben & Jerry). All of which is evident considering once legalization is in place, there would be a decline in cannabis-related arrests, racial discrimination in the industry (level playing field for all), and a significant boost in both government revenue and standard of living.

The Future Is Bright

Gone are those days when little or no cannabis-related information or research was made available and published over the internet. Today this information is readily available for those seeking to expand their cannabis knowledge regarding legalization, venturing into the cannabis business, and the benefits associated with the plant. Furthermore and coupled with the contributions of cannabis advocates like  Ben & Jerry, the future of the cannabis industry is bright.