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Can You Smell the Smoke?

Cannabis in HipHop?

The music industry has brought a lot of people together in different ways. An artist’s ability to make you feel like your mind is on cloud nine comes from the soulful, creative, and innovative ways they create their music. We all know cannabis impacts the vibes within the music industry, but to what extent does it truly contribute? Cannabis is a natural remedy that stimulates the mind in different ways, but as it evolves both socially and economically, it is becoming a more and more viable business resource as well.

For example, the legendary icon Nipsey Hussle is known as a “cannabis entrepreneur.” He invested in both cannabis and his music very early in his career. His music represented the grind and struggle of the hiphop world, and he spoke a lot about blowing trees to cope with everyday life. Yet, his actions outside of the booth were totally entrepreneurial since his investments in cannabis was a real life experience that generated revenue. There are a lot of black people within HipHop that saw his actions as the blueprint to create generational wealth and economic inclusion. The fact that we can indulge in the benefits of cannabis but also have ownership within it makes for a beautiful combination if done correctly. The influence or impact of cannabis on the HipHop industry seems to be relevant and positive.

Now that cannabis is somewhat legal in many places, it has become a booming industry that shows positive ways to increase productivity. As a black man I’ve always wondered about the long-term impact that cannabis would have in HipHop, simply because it has had negative results as well. People have gone to jail, committed theft, and caused violence of the divinity of the cannabis plant. So let’s not act like it’s been all sunshine and money trees. But when you see the pioneers of the game taking note and applying themselves with the correct vision of the future, it only shows that there is a lot of potential in the industry for cannabis if we invest and stay blessed at the same time. Hiphop and cannabis is like Country and whiskey, and as far as I’m concerned, I’ll take green over brown any day.

Written by Jerreme Wade

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