Many things have since changed and continue to change in the cannabis industry. While some seem normal, others practically seem odd even though it makes a lot of sense. The cannabis industry has, over time, been a considerable investment hotspot for everyone willing to invest in the industry. Today, not just cannabis enthusiasts but also people from all works of life are making substantial investments in the industry.

Cannabis University

One notable investment is the creation of a university institute with links to the cannabis industry. Surprising right?!. This initiative is pioneered by Former NBA star Chris Webber and rapper Berner. These inspired members of the minority community sandwiched with their love for cannabis, and the minority community has engraved their names in history.

All of which is evident as they have created a new institution for the sole purpose of learning about weed. Berner’s lifestyle and cannabis company, Cookies, is teaming up with the Webber Wild Foundation to create Cookies Campus, aka Cookies U.

Cookies Campus For All

Unlike most universities who’s are to impact knowledge and graduate students from many different fields of study, the goal of the Cookies Campus, on the other hand, is to empower communities stained and marginalized because of the war on drugs. Because of this war (war on drugs), many lives were lost, thousands more are behind bars for the mere possession of an ounce of cannabis.

The tables are turning gradually, and today cannabis is fast becoming a normal phenomenon and a mainstay in most societies in the United States. However, most people whose lives were cut, shot, or imprisoned for cannabis-related crimes are yet to be compensated. With such issues plaguing the cannabis industry, it is evident for all to see why the contributions of Chris Webber and rapper Berner are appreciated by all.

Tag Team (Webber and Berner)

There is no better accomplishment by the Webber Wild Foundation other than empowering people of color in the cannabis industry. People of color (minorities) have suffered enough, and it is their time to shine (Webber said to Forbes). The mutual understanding that flows between both parties shows that unity conquers all, and of course, the cannabis industry needs more advocates like Webber and Berner.

Campus Lifestyle

This institute of learning is open to all, irrespective of race, social class, and culture. Amongst other things, the courses available at the Cookies Campus are strictly to educate the students on the facets of the cannabis supply chain (from financing to growing). Thanks to the founders of the University, all expenses are shouldered by the administration. That is the room and board for the ten weeks required to complete the courses.

Final note

For those seeking to have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the cannabis industry regarding supply chain (retail, cultivation, extraction, and distillation), enrolling in the Cookies-U is an ideal place to begin. Do this, and you’d be thrilled with the outcome.