Colleges and Universities Have Introduced Marijuana-Related-Courses in Their Curriculum

Many institutions have introduced cannabis-related courses in their curriculum; this is coming at a time when there is a massive development in the Cannabis industry. There are some notable examples of schools that have begun to offer courses within this jurisdiction.

The Pharmacy school of the University of Maryland recently announced that the college had developed an M. Sc program in medical Cannabis science and therapeutics ”to educate and train college graduates on the policies relating to the development of the cannabis industry and its implementation to provide quality health to the public.”

To add to this, reports that the University of Connecticut has inculcated cannabis curriculum into their horticulture studies. The legal marijuana industry is currently pecked at $10 billion, and it is expected to grow as high as $66.3b billion by 2025.

Small start-ups have emerged in the marijuana markets. African-Americans are also capitalizing on the prospects of this industry together with the Whites. However, some reports indicate a possible witchhunt by the whites against the blacks to control the increasingly productive market.

Statistics from Marijuana Business Daily shows that African-Americans own only 4% of stores in the legal marijuana market, while the white Americans control about 81%.

”Concerted attempts have been made to create equity-in-investment in the industry especially among the black communities,” said Felicia Palmer, the associate founder of Cannaramic Online Summit – a program aimed at educating and creating awareness to the public on the marijuana market.

Also, a black couple started Cannabis Capital Group – a company established with the sole purpose of supporting cannabis-related businesses with funds, education, and advocacy.

Perhaps, it would be notable to mention that American celebrities have also joined the marijuana industry, the recent being Jay-Z’s signup with Caliva as their chief brand strategist. Hope Wiseman (now the youngest cannabis store owner) established Mary and Main. Other celebrities such as Snoop Dog, Wiz Khalifa, Whoopi Goldberg, and Al Harrington are not left out on the list.

Aside from that, the marijuana industry has received approval from about 33 states in America, though some have conditional clauses attached to the agreement. As the marijuana industry is making more groundbreaking achievements, it becomes a necessity to establish courses and programs that will enlighten and train students in the cannabis field.