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Jamaica Exporting Pharmaceutical Products Containing Cannabis

Pure Jamaican, along with its GMP-certified, licensed pharmaceutical manufacturer Seven-10 Pharmaceuticals, is enhancing Jamaica’s role in the global cannabis supply chain by legally exporting exclusive pharmaceutical products containing cannabis-derived THC, as well as hemp-derived CBD and other cannabinoids, to major international markets including the United States and Brazil.

Jamaica’s Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) has granted Seven-10 Pharmaceuticals the necessary permissions to export Pure Jamaican pharmaceutical products containing THC to the U.S., in alignment with valid corresponding import permits issued by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). These products have been dispatched to a DEA-licensed facility in the U.S. for comprehensive analytical testing.

In anticipation of the anticipated rescheduling of THC from Schedule I to Schedule III under the U.S. Controlled Substance Act, Seven-10 Pharmaceuticals plans to seek DEA permits to transport Pure Jamaican pharmaceutical THC products from Jamaica to patients in the U.S., contingent upon valid doctor prescriptions and compliance with all relevant DEA, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and state pharmacy distribution regulations.

Furthermore, Seven-10 has commenced shipments of Pure Jamaican’s Botanicos pharmaceutical tinctures, containing THC and other cannabinoids, directly to patients in Brazil, following ANVISA import permits. With Brazil and the U.S. representing a combined population of over 500 million people, there exists significant potential demand for these products.

Scott Cathcart, CEO of Pure Jamaican and Seven-10 Pharmaceuticals, expressed pride in this milestone achievement, highlighting Jamaica’s newfound role as a legal exporter of pharmaceutical-grade THC products. As the sole company in Jamaica licensed for pharmaceutical manufacturing of cannabinoids, they are pioneering Jamaica’s position in the global cannabis landscape.

Shullette Cox, President of Jamaica Promotions Corp. (JAMPRO), lauded the success of Pure Jamaican and Seven-10 Pharmaceuticals, emphasizing the government’s commitment to fostering the medicinal cannabis industry and promoting the export of value-added products from Jamaica.

Dr. Ellen Campbell Grizzle, Chief Regulatory and Compliance Officer of Pure Jamaican and Seven-10 Pharmaceuticals, and former dean of the College of Health Sciences, UTech, expressed the significance of this endeavor, underscoring Jamaica’s rich biodiversity and its potential to contribute to global health, wellness, and economic growth through the exploration of new botanical medicines.

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