Korto Momolu and Her Cannabis Fashion Line at New York Fashion Week

Today we live in a world dominated by the negativity and health risks surrounding the consumption of a wide array of drugs ranging from heroin, to cocaine and lots more. As harmful as some of these drugs are, many upcoming entrepreneurs and business-minded persons are trying to bring out some positive ideas known to be drug inspired. With the most inspirational being marijuana, spearheaded by a powerful woman of African roots known as Korto Momolu.

Her passion for fashion in association with her cannabis inspired clothing line is taking her places, and of course gaining international recognition. This recognition couldn’t be any less a dream come true for the designer considering her fashion line made all the positive headlines for New York Fashion Week.

The Fusion between Fashion and Cannabis

Ever since the legalization of cannabis in some states in the US for both, medical and recreational purposes a wide array of inspired fashion designers such as Korto Momolu has been using the plant to their advantage to create a fashion line that pays homage to the cannabis plant. While many applaud the initiative there are always critics trying to find flaws in every existing idea or project.

Momolu’s multi-faceted relationship to cannabis, incorporating marijuana into a clothing collection was a challenge at first but it paid off eventually when her cannabis fashion line made positive headlines in the New York Fashion Week. While many-doubted Momolu’s capabilities, she always drew her inspiration from the likes of

  • Alexander Wang’s fall 2016 collection, which was all but dedicated to cannabis and featured camisoles, fluffy jackets, and cutout leather skirts with leaf silhouettes.
  • Jeremy Scott designed a weedy Adidas logoin 2012
  • And Vetements dropped a marijuana grinder necklace in 2016

New York Fashion Week: Fashion Met Cannabis

Thanks to the partnership of Korto Momolu and Women Grow, fashion once again met with cannabis in a Project Runway All-stars. All of which was in a major network of women in the cannabis and hemp industries for a spectacular runway show. This initiative and creativity of fusing high fashion and active wear emblazoned with the Women’s Grow logo gained huge applauds by the enthusiastic audience there present at the fashion week.

This event completely altered the mindset of a wide array of persons who even after legalization of cannabis in some states for medical and or recreational uses still believed nothing good about the plant. Korto Momolu and her cannabis-inspired fashion line Women Grow is taking the US by storm and taking the fashion business to the next level.

Momolu on Display with her Clothing Line

The uniqueness of the Momolu clothing line was evident for all to see as it made its much-awaited debut in the New York Fashion Week. The clothing line highlighted some mouthwatering displays as it embodied power, influence, and strength of female leadership. Unlike most outfits on display at the event, Momolu’s line was all cannabis-inspired.

Korto Momolu: Choice of Fabric

Considering Korto was to place cannabis on the map in a different dimension, which through fashion, many of her fabrics are cannabis-inspired. She uses hemp fabric, linen, jute, and cork for all her clothing lines, which of course is a testament to the immense recognition she has amassed over time. Coupled mouthwatering audience present to appreciate creativity and vision, the show gained many plaudits for its stands on no ageism.

What this means is, models from all shapes, sizes, and race hard the opportunity to flaunt Momolu’s clothing line. As a result, boosting the clothing lines popularity in the process as well as giving it the platform to compete with rival brands in the fashion world with the likes of Gucci, Givenchy, D&G, Fendi, etc.

Momolu: The Master Plan

Taking to account the fact that the fusion between both the fashion and cannabis industries seems confusing at best to many, Momolu idea to collaborate with Women Grow was much more than just business. It personified Empowerment, Inspiration, and Education: That is according to the CEO of Women Grow Chanda Macias. Taking to mind the fact that a single broomstick can’t sweep the house clean, a bundle can. Which is why collaborating with Women Grow was a well thought out idea by Korto Momolu.

Through the spirit of partnership, Momolu’s groundbreaking and well-designed collection will serve as a bridge linking the negativity surrounding the cannabis plant. While bringing to light the health benefits of the plant and the value of leading women in the business. However, the mission of Women Grow has never been to cultivate cannabis but to cultivate female leadership within the cannabis industry.