Let’s chat about Cannabis: What’s Your Preference?

Welcome my friends! In the intro, I spoke about my first experience as a weed smoker (recreational and medical) and I want to get into a topic that I feel most people don’t speak on enough: classism among smokers. Now this is a topic that we can speak on for ages but I’ll break them down.

Classism? Be Real!

I mean let’s be honest here, we’ve all met someone who “doesn’t smoke  that” (be blowing the whole vibe amirite) And by “that” I mean wraps, cigarellos, papers, fronto etc etc. Some people only follow what the mainstream rappers do (we’ll chat about this too) such as Backwoods. I know some readers might say, “woods became popular back in ‘95 we ain’t new to this we true to this” and that’s cool, but I was born in ‘96. So in my timeline of life, woods became popular about a year or so after I was out of high school (2015/2016) and for a while, and until this day, a lot of my peers only smoke woods. I for one, was still smoking Game wraps (hood staple if you know you know!) I advanced to Backwoods eventually, and then papers. I actually can only roll what I prefer to smoke out of. I am an avid bowl and bong supporter though; just my preference. But that’s it, my preference. Is it preference though, or are you saying you better than me because of what you smoke out of?


 It is a preference. Different products have different pulls. Personally, I prefer the way a game wrap pulls versus a white owl. My all time favorite is a bowl/ bong. I  can easily meet someone who thinks the exact opposite. Does that make me better than them or vice versa? Some reading this may say it’s pointless, but I want you to really think back to those times when you’re about to roll it and someone makes that stank face because you rolled a game! 

What’s your preference? Let’s chat.

Stay high, stay lucky, stay educated!

Big Mel