Let’s Chat Black Cannabis: What’s your preference?

Hello my lovely readers! Let’s continue our conversation about preference. Last time, I spoke about using different wraps, papers,etc and the negatives of them and that the healthiest of the bunch are papers (shout out to everyone in New York cause that’s how I was put on)! This time we are moving up the ladder, and speaking about bongs. What do you prefer? Have you ever consumed marijuana through a bong? Are there any pros or cons? Let’s chat.


Personally, I enjoy a bong or a bowl. Sometimes I prefer using a bowl because a bong might make me cough my lungs out and I can’t have that! I started out using Game wraps and once I went away to college, (we’ll talk about cannabis on the college campus too) I evolved and began using bowls and bongs and gb’s (ghost bongs). When I came home from college, I started to use my bowl around my friends. To my surprise, in urban settings, bowls and bongs aren’t commonly used for marijuana. So it was taboo to use in that setting, but in the suburban setting, everyone knew what was up! 

History of Bong

 A bong, also known as a water pipe, and depending on where one is from, can be called a “bubbler” or “moof.” The origin of the word bong comes from the Thai word “baung.” In Thailand, a baung is a cylinder shaped bamboo pipe used for smoking the hemp plant, kancha, or hash. What is present day called a bong, was and is used by people  in Africa and southeast Asia as well.

Bong Facts

You might have heard that smoking from a bong is “cleaner” but that is false! Many consumers who use bongs tend to say it’s a cleaner pull, and it is “creamy” and not as dry as inhaling from a wrap. Nevertheless, it still isn’t the healthiest option for smokers.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, using a bong is still very harmful to your lungs because one is still inhaling the smoke. Another concern is that most bongs are plastic. Plastic contains chemicals like BPA and phthalates and then we mix the heat of the smoke and all the cool stuff, we are also inhaling plastic. 

There have even been cases of people getting pulmonary tuberculosis from sharing a bong and simply not cleaning it. In a 2017 case study, a man developed necrotizing pneumonia from bong use; the water in the bong was contaminated with bacteria.

Now, a positive from this bong use might be that there’s no tobacco usage. 


I know this was a little bit longer to read (but you have fun with me right? Right?!) Bottom line, a bong can be cool and filter smoke to give smokers an easier pull. If you use a bong for medical or recreational purposes, experts recommend finding another way to consume it. 

Seems like there’s nothing for us recreational users to use, without a crazy negative effect. Like with anything in life, don’t over do it. We have so many more topics to cover. I hope you are all learning and laughing!

As always, Stay high, and stay lucky!

Big Mel