Talking Cannabis w/ Big Mel

Ah, the world of cannabis. A beautiful world; some of my best life events happened on that planet. The night of my high school prom was the first time that I smoked weed. That night and all of its events had me, (ya girl) stressed out. A friend of mine and her boyfriend told me I should smoke with them. I was a good girl, (still am, can the church say amen!) so I never smoked marijuana or had an edible or anything of the sort. Growing up in a Caribbean family, being a first-generation American, la marijuana, boz, also known as “crack” by Caribbean parents, has always been taboo. So one can imagine how nervous I was to actually come out and try to smoke it. 

Story Time

I went on with my friends after prom, and we smoked. I immediately regretted it because I wasn’t high- the first trip to Cannabisplanet and it already wasn’t a grand experience. The next day I spoke with my friends about it and blabbed about how I wouldn’t smoke again (laugh out loud) because it didn’t do anything for me. My homeboy at the time, (shout out to Uriel) told me he would get me high and beloved, he did just that. For the first time, I experienced being high, experienced getting the munchies, experienced how the food tasted different, and honestly, the whole journey just hit differently. Uriel, as well as a few other lovely angels from my high school friend group, would pick me up and we would smoke together regularly. It was from that hot, humid day, in June that I became a marijuana smoker and also invested myself in learning more about the plant.


Coming back to present day me, I am a medical marijuana consumer. I’ve learned the difference between cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis. I learned how to grow it (quarter brick, half brick, whole brick aye!) I’ve learned the positives of marijuana use as well as the negatives. In these articles we will- I’m kidding, this isn’t a thesis statement. You will learn though, ‘cause we’re gonna chat about this plant, its benefits, and all that it comes with.


Stay high, stay educated, and stay lucky!


Big Mel