Heartfelt Message From Berner, Owner of “Cookies”

The protests in various cities in America don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon and it seems cannabis dispensaries are getting the short end of the stick. Several dispensaries in different cities in American have been looted and vandalized by protesters.

One such stores is “Cookies”, a popular dispensary in Los Angeles founded by Rapper – Berner. On May 30th, Cookies was broken into with several items stolen. Upon news of the break-in of his dispensary the rapper took to his Instagram to give a statement:

It’s extremely unfortunate what happened to our story tonight on Melrose, but as a human living in a world, we’re living in today, I cannot expect anything less until Justice is served. See, we can rebuild our store but you cannot bring someone back to life.

With that being said, we stand with what’s going on right now in the world. A statement needed to be made. All I say is, I pray everyone stays safe and protects their family in a time like this. How can I worry about a store when there’s so much more going on in the world right? So much hate, so much anger, so much pain, and a lack of justice.

Please take care of your families and stay safe.”

A lot of people proceeded to say in the comment section that the money Berner would be getting from insurance was probably what made him calm about his store being looted but he was quick to refute that claim. He said:

“We sell weed. I’m not sure that insurance will honor our business, I haven’t even thought about it. I was focused on preserving life and instructing the armed guards to stand down and not to shoot.”

It’s great to see that the rapper prioritizes the lives of people. We can only hope that his store goes back to normal and peace is restored to the world at large.


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