Lung Inflammation by COVID-19 Reduced with Cannabis

Around the world, reports of the spread of the Corona Virus Infection is on the increase. In light of this development, several researchers combed the books for a solution and they arrived at an unlikely consensus regarding Cannabis. This plant is made up of active compounds which have properties that may alleviate the inflammatory symptoms of COVID-19. In addition, the scientists are also looking into the prospect of using cannabis as an antiviral medication and to reduce susceptibility to the Corona Virus.

In the course of the research, it was discovered that inflammation resulting from an acute infection (muscle pain, cough and fever) might lead to pneumonia, this disease will in turn, make breathing impossible or difficult by clogging the lungs. COVID-19 infection exhibits all these symptoms. Subsequently, scientists found that combating the clogged and inflamed lungs may be a reliable strategy to surviving the pandemic.

Cannabis Plant as a Remedy

The study revealed that the cannabinoids found in cannabis are rife with anti-inflammatory properties. As a matter of fact, the authors identified CBD as the major ingredient needed to treat Corona Virus related inflammation. In previous studies, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties does not make the consumer develop the disorienting psychotropic effects commonly linked with THC. The good news is, the FDA has approved the medication and considers it safe for the treatment of intractable epilepsy in children.If CBD is found to be effective at the reduction of COVID-19 inflammation, it will definitely be the safer option compared to other medications filled with dangerous side-effects.

Why Researchers believe Cannabis may aid in COVID-19 treatment

Previous research revealed that cannabinoids can conveniently reduce several pro-inflammatory cytokines such as IL-6, which is also reduced by other test drugs researched for Corona. It also reduces tumor necrosis factor – ᾳ and macrophage inflammatory protein-1alpha. These two and several others are found within the pathology of severe COVID-19 cases. Additionally, CBD heightens the production of interferons (a signaling protein) that works to activate the cells of the immune system thereby preventing the replication of viruses. According to another study based on asthma in animals, CBD was administered and it reduced the production proinflammatory cytokines, effectively cutting down the inflammation of the airways. That same study showed that CBD can reduce pulmonary fibrosis, an essential factor for COVID-19 because some patients are known to suffer from its severe form.

However, these authors acknowledge that cannabis is not the lone cannabinoid that can act as an anti-inflammatory medication. THC is not exactly tolerated but it exhibits almost the same anti-inflammatory properties. Consumption of THC will lead to anxiety, increased heart rate and disorientation.

On the other hand, CBD shows that it is tolerated, safe and even on a daily dose of 1500mg a day for fourteen days, the patient should show no side effects. This feasibility property made the authors come to a near conclusion that CBD may be administered to reduce the severity of COVID-19 related lung inflammation and tone down the severity of the disease.