There are debates that have lasted and have gone over decades. On of such debates is in the method employed in farming cannabis. Which is better? The outdoor or indoor method of growing cannabis?


Cannabis like other plants is dependent on the atmosphere, natural sunlight, wind, soil nutrients, space etc. But unlike other plants, before cannabis was legalized across several states, it was grown indoors. This method of growing it fueled the debate that has lasted this long.


One cannot in an outright manner judge which of the methods of growing cannabis is better. This is because both methods comes with their own advantages and disadvantages. Cannabis production mostly occurred indoors before its legalization. This, today, has seen furtive fields transformed into big agriculture. The method of growing cannabis indoors comes with it perks, the belief behind it and the cost. Growing cannabis outdoor top has its own perks, the belief in the improved taste, the budding of the flowers and finally the cost.


So it is a matter of aspect, the direction you’re looking at it from. To grow, a plant needs the sun and warmth, difference in daylight hours, and length of growth season. If you stay in the city where some of these is absent, and there are neighbors to worry about, growing it indoors becomes the suitable choice.


Growing of cannabis indoors gives you a hundred percent control over the environment of growth. You are in charge of the temperature, light source, CO2 levels, and humidity without having to worry about the forecast. If you also want a certain grade of cannabis, the one with the gorgeous, stanky dried flowers, indoor growing is the choice for you. Indoor growing of marijuana also gives you flowers with huge THC.


This comes at a cost though. You spend both time and money to maintain the plants. The temperature of the room has to be controlled at all times. The spectrum that the sun produces is better than the light used which deprives the plants of certain nutrients gotten from the sun. The flowers too won’t be as pretty as the ones grown outdoor.


Outdoor growing of cannabis is done better in a cold, wintery clime. All you need is cheap dirt, the sun and you have hectares of cannabis farm. The cost of growing cannabis outdoor is far lesser than indoors. Paying for light bills is canceled out. You have the sun, you have the wind and there’s also climate.


Unlike indoor farming where you get to control the weather and get to harvest as many times as you want, outdoor growing of marijuana allows for only one harvest. The plants are also exposed to sometimes unfriendly natural elements and thieves. A deer and her children are also a risk to the outdoor growth of cannabis.


Whichever way it is, outdoor growth of cannabis cannot be said to be better than growing cannabis indoors, likewise can indoor be said to be better than outdoor. It is a matter of perspective.