S.E.E.D. Co-Op

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As you may know, there is limited opportunity for minority entrepreneurs to enter the cannabis space at an affordable cost, and with mitigated risk. Also, those who’ve been disproportionately affected by law enforcement have a disadvantage in entering due to criminal records, fear, social stigma, etc.

Cola Hemp Co. and Black-Cannabis have partnered up to expand SEED (Social Equity and Economic Diversity) Cooperative, a program that trains and educates minorities, women, and veterans who wish to enter the cannabis space, and also provides them with tangible assets and solutions to be successful in their cannabis ventures.

SEED Cooperative gives minority small businesses access to a fully functional 500,000 sq. foot greenhouse dedicated to growing premium Cannabis CBD. Our 6-month program provide groups who sign up the education, experience, and product needed to launch their own CBD brand from seed to sale.

SEED Cooperative aids those who have criminal records and have struggled finding their footing in the world of legal cannabis.

Assistance for those with limited income and resources can join our co-op program for a fraction of the cost it typically requires entering the cannabis space. We also perform crowd funding assistance for those who do not have access to capital.

The key focal points of our program are meant to educate minority start-ups in;
1. Cultivation. Everything from planting seeds to cloning plants.
2. Branding and marketing assistance for product launch.
3. Packaging and distribution network.
4. Cannabis and hemp industry experience.
5. Avoid facility maintenance cost and licensing hindrances.

In an effort to make real impact in the social justice movement in the cannabis industry, we are seeking your help to spread the word of our program. Profitable proceeds at the end of the program will be donated to a charitable organization focused on fortifying minority cannabis businesses across the United States, that has yet to be determined.

If you are passionate about social justice and want to be a part of this movement, please reach out to us directly at info@Black-Cannabis.com so we can set up a call to discuss further and answer any inquiries you may have.

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All funds to be submitted to PayPal/CashApp at info@black-cannabis. Donations will be given to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation located in New Jersey

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TUNE IN TO “THE GREAT CANNABIS DEBATE” WHERE WE EXPLORE THE PROS AND CONS OF NJ ADULT USE LEGALIZATION!!! With elections happening let’s continue to stay educated on how our votes will truly affect us. Some of the pioneers for cannabis activism in New Jersey @leo_bridgewater and @njweedman  have some very interesting points to raise. Don’t miss out on the debate of the month!

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When the proof speaks for itself, there’s no need in convincing people! We thank Dr. Sanjay Gupta for his countless breakthroughs and contributions to the cannabis community! We have all the research, and resources to educate ourselves! We advise everyone to take the time to learn more about the benefits of Cannabis, so we can shift to a more canna-clusive environment and society! ...

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“Approximately 77 million people, 1 in every 3 adults, have a criminal record. There are 48,000 barriers to housing, employment, occupational licensing, and educational opportunities for the millions of people with a criminal record in the U.S. Essentially, having a criminal record in the U.S. disenfranchises people from fully and successfully reentering their communities.”

Disproportionate arrest continue to plague our communities. Join in on National Expungement Week as cities across the country hold workshops and more.

To find out information on National Expungement Week please visit


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Cannabis consumption in the sports world has ways been frowned upon, but what if it was the key to unlocking the players maximum potential?

As we learn more about all the medical benefits of CBD and THC and have more ways to test and asses the compounds, it seems naive to deny its ability to help in sports. From muscle relief to stress, Cannabis has the ability to elevate the game when used responsibly by adults.

What do you think about adult use of Cannabis being used for athletes?

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Black Cannabis is committed to connecting with all outlets that are ancillary and work directly with cannabis.

We would like to find more ways to support businesses and people in the field.

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