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Steph Curry to Sponsor Howard University’s Golf Program

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How well do you know NBA superstar and 3 time NBA Champion Steph Curry? Some of us would have never imagined that Steph Curry is a regular in the game of golf. He inherited the game from his father Dell Curry.

Probably, we all know him of his basketball court heroics that are mainly highlighted by his NBA championships and superb records of most three-pointers in a season. He broke the record in the 2012-13 season with 272 points. He broke the same record in 2015 with a massive 286 points. It is in 2016 that Steph curry did the unthinkable by breaking his own record for the second time with a scintillating 402 Points.

From now on you should know that there is more to Steph Curry than just tasty 3-pointers.

The three-time NBA champion is also a passionate golfer. He has announced a 7-figure sponsorship for Howard University in Washington DC.

How it all started

Steph is the executive producer of a documentary about the fatal 2015 Charleston shooting. During a screening session of the documentary, Howard University students thronged the event to at least get to meet the NBA Superstar.

It was one Otis Ferguson who caught Curry by suggesting a round of golf before he could leave. Maybe he is one of the few people who know about Steph Curry’s golf history.

This came as a golden opportunity for Ferguson to let him know about the lack of a golf team at the University. He further explained to Steph how he sacrificed playing golf in college for him to attend Howard University.

Most black Universities and Colleges in America lack golf teams and even facilities. Howard University was not an exclusion to this. Their last golf team was in the 1970s, and it was a division II program.

A six-year 7 figure sponsorship

Steph Curry announced the decision to make a seven figure donation to support Howard’s golf program financially over the next six years. This will allow Howard University time to raise an endowed fund for the program to become self-sustainable. He credited Otis Ferguson for being so passionate about the game as he was while studying. The Division 1 program at Howard will launch in the 2020-21 season. The men athletic golfers team will compete in the mid-eastern athletic conference. The women’s golfer team will be independent as there are no programs for them in the conference.

It is still amazing to even think about how passionate Steph Curry is for the sport. Otis Ferguson can be credited with the effort to inspire the NBA Champion to be part of the black University ‘s rich history.

Truly, Steph the great basketball player is now a golf Star.