The 2020 U.S. Presidential Candidates Stance on Cannabis

We are in 2019 and 2020 is just around the corner. In just 4 months, one of the twenty-five contenders for the U.S. Presidential election is going to be president after the election. To be the 46th President of the United States. It is unknown whether the current republican and President Donald J Trump will be victorious or the wind of change will sway towards the democrats or independent.

The Wind of Change

Amidst the speeches made by these Presidential hopefuls, one notable point can’t seem to stay away from their speeches whenever they make public appearances. Which is “cannabis” and its “legalization”. Marijuana is termed a Schedule 1 drug and has been that way since 1970 together with lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) Ecstasy, Heroin and many others.

In contrast to the War on drugs, which have been ongoing for years under the auspices of both Democratic and Republican administrations, over 70% of the 2020 Presidential hopefuls (candidates) are surprisingly backing full legalization of cannabis. This is without a doubt not only a reflection as some states are pushing for the cannabis legalization for both medical and recreational purposes. But correspondingly the growing voter backing advocating an end towards the prohibition of the drug.

The recent swerve for leniency on cannabis laws in the U.S. is evident as more than two-thirds of voters have now, more than ever enforced their stance on the legalization of cannabis. This number has overtime doubled the level of support they received many years ago.


2020 Presidential Candidates Surprise Backings for Cannabis Legislation

The million-dollar question remains: why are the majority of these Presidential hopefuls now advocating for the legalization of cannabis? Below are some of the clues of the 2020 Presidential candidates surprise backings towards cannabis legalization in the US.

  • Health Benefits

It is absurd to some when they hear some presidential candidates advocating for federal legalization of cannabis in the US. As unusual as this may sound, many of them have their hands tied. All of which is powered by both voters and neutrals alike who see both the benefits and risks associated with the drug. Nevertheless, are strongly in support of the drug especially for its health benefits.

  • Racial Discrimination

In the United States like some nations in the world, racial discrimination is present. However, the U.S. 2020 presidential candidates are working towards a new United States void of racism. A United States where not just people of color are imprisoned for possession of just a few ounces of cannabis but one which all have equal rights irrespective of the colors of their skin.

  • Ever Growing Industry

The war on some drugs such as cocaine and heroin has been a battle. As a result, the one on cannabis is slowly losing its grounds. This has been the case ever since its legalization in some states for medical and recreational purposes. This legalization is a big boost to the cannabis industry as individuals and groups are making huge sums of money in the process. In addition, this industry employs thousands of citizens legally in states where the drug is legalized. As such has improved on their living standards.

The 2020 Presidential Candidate’s Stance on Cannabis in Numbers

Candidates for state legalization (19) (76%)

Undecided candidates (4) (16%)

Complete against state legalization (2) (8%)


Presidential Candidates








Support for Federal Legalization of Marijuana


Michael Bennet D Yes
Joe Biden D No
Bill de Blasio D Yes
Cory Booker D Yes
Steve Bullock D Undecided
Pete Buttigieg D Yes
Julián Castro D Yes
John Delaney D Undecided
Tulsi Gabbard D Yes
Kirsten Gillibrand D Yes
Kamala Harris D Yes
Jay Inslee D Yes
Amy Klobuchar D Undecided
Wayne Messam D Undecided
Seth Moulton D Yes
Beto O’Rourke D Yes
Tim Ryan D Yes
Bernie Sanders I Yes
Joe Sestak D Yes
Tom Steyer D Yes
Elizabeth Warren D Yes
Marianne Williamson D Yes
Andrew Yang D Yes
Donald Trump R No
Bill Weld R Yes