The Cannabis Black Market is Essential!


While there’s a wide array of persons who claim to see beyond the ordinary and are blessed or even possess the gift of seeing events before they occur, none were able to see nor predict the advent of the coronavirus. Nor did they see a pandemic that will force the world to activate a full lockdown mode all in a bid to manage the spread of the virus as well as limit the rising number of deaths recorded so far.

With that in mind, no plant or drug has made more headlines during this period like cannabis. Although most remained indoors during this period the demand for cannabis in most states in the US continuously reached new heights.

Cannabis Lover Like No Other

Championed by the legalization of cannabis for medical and/or social uses, one individual rewriting history in the cannabis trade during this period is no other than Ed Forchion a.k.a. the NJWeedman. The NJWeedman is an American Rastafari cannabis rights and free speech activist and of course a cannabis enthusiast and advocate. His love for cannabis is unique and he is currently on a mission of breaking marijuana laws in New Jersey. “I refuse to sit back and watch that happen AGAIN here in Jersey I’ve been demanding inclusion in this new legal era. I don’t have the money to compete with RICH WHITE-MEN who bribe our politicians like Senators Scutari and Sweeney to write the laws for them; instead, I’ve openly engaged in civil disobedience. I call it my “ROSA PARKS moment”. Rosa Parks refused to get off the bus, I likewise refuse to get off this CANNA-BUS. I openly sell, grow and possess marihuana I’m not being put off this “CANNABUS” industry I’m engaged in this marijuana industry too and I seek public support.” says the NJWeedman

This of course is by openly providing weed out of his Trenton place of business, NJWeedman’s Joint, during the coronavirus pandemic. To him, people can’t be home for months with little to do without some cannabis to spice up their moods and help them relax during these troubled times. All of this contributed and was instrumental to NJ’s initiative during this pandemic of providing marijuana to all patients who need and want it, deeming the once illegal cannabis plant essential throughout the state.

Although this gesture of “selling weed like I’m white” orchestrated by NJWeedman is a unique form of civil disobedience, the motive behind his demonstration as a message to the state was simple. “Decriminalize weed now and allow the black market to be a part of New Jersey’s “Cannabis Corporatization”. Amidst all odds, NJWeedman isn’t worried about what people or the state think or feel. To him, it is all about continuing his quest to pick up the slack of the state and provide weed to all who need it.

Cannabis Legalization

One feature or proof of this legalization of medical or adult cannabis use in the U.S. isn’t just seeing people rolling joints on the streets. Rather this process is evident with the number of cannabis dispensaries in the city or state. With that in mind and considering New Jersey legalized medical cannabis in 2010, very few dispensaries go operational. However many cannabis enthusiasts are hopeful the plant may be legalized for adult use in 2020.

Exactly 2 years after New Jersey legalized medical marijuana back in 2010, it is surprising to note that, this Democrat-controlled state failed to enforce this law on multiple occasions. Although the politicians have already made declarations that voters would decide the question of legalizing marijuana at the ballot box in November 2020. 

Forchion believes “I have always looked at the “pot-prohibition” as a civil rights issue, it was ALWAYS clear to me that white authorities used the marihuana laws to target black-men. Now as legalization becomes inevitable it’s clear to me that WHITE POLITICIANS are writing the legalization laws to benefit RICH white-men and exclude black-men from this new legal industry. Across the country, these FACTS are clearly seen. Here in New Jersey, Senator Scutari created a systemic racist white only medical marijuana industry with CUMMA (Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Act) under CUMMA only 7 rich white men are allowed to grow, possess and sell marijuana under the guise of medical – (in violation of federal law by the way). - – Now as adult-use (recreational) is being contemplated again Scutari leads the charge to create a white-only legal marijuana industry. They seek to seize the marijuana customer base of 600,000 daily pot users that the current black market industry supplies and provides to now. I feel as though I paid my licensing fee with my 2000 conviction and 10-year sentence, 17 months imprisonment/ 20 months parole.”.

Cannabis in New Jersey

Taking into mind the aforementioned points, it should, however, be worthy to note that New Jersey has decriminalized but not legalized marijuana, nor does it have enough medical dispensaries. All of which is a testament to why New Jersey is presently incapable of providing cannabis to every 74,000 patients in the state. Which is of course a drastic difference than the estimated 17,000 patients back in December 2016.

Is Cannabis Essential

Irrespective of the number of patients, seeking or demanding medical cannabis for their ailments combined with the fact that Governor Murphy once again went to bat for the cannabis community on March 21, by deeming medical marijuana dispensaries essential, it is shocking to note that, most patients seeking medical cannabis had to sit in very long lines on top of lengthy waiting times just to receive their overpriced medication. This is caused by the coronavirus pandemic sandwiched with the high amount of patients and the low amount of Alternative Treatment Centers (ATC). Due to this outrageous waiting time just to acquire medicinal cannabis for health-related ailments, most patients were bound to turn to the black market for their cannabis.

NJWeedman Effect

Amongst other things, a wide array of patients are surveyed to be avoiding the ATC lines and heading to NJWeedman for their medical cannabis. With social distancing measures put in place as a means to curb the spread of the coronavirus, NJWeedman wears a mask at all times before attending to the clients. Also, he is said to be seated behind a make-shift plastic door, designed to accommodate a little hole in the middle to slip weed through with the customers standing six-feet apart outback.

“I openly have encouraged the mercer county prosecutors office to prosecute me for selling weed WHILE NOT WHITE. I’ve created two hashtags to highlight this #Sellweedlikeimwhite and #NJcanget12. I don’t believe the state can successfully convict me of selling weed while NOT white, I don’t believe a jury of 12 would put me in prison as white-men do the exact same thing. ( ). I look forward to a public trial to highlight this clearly SYSTEMIC racism. I seek to change/inclusion thru JURY NULLIFICATION.  I know last centuries alcohol prohibition was defeated mainly with JURY NULLIFICATION and I believe this centuries pot-prohibition is prime for the same social change.” declares the NJWeedman.

Final Note

Amidst all odds, NJWeedman unlike most cannabis advocates stood tall and found a way to provide medical cannabis for patients in need. Such gestures aren’t seen every day and it takes love, passion, and the desire to do good to pull off the sacrifice in order to satisfy patients in dire need of medical cannabis. “My tactic and plans are to have a public trial and expose this tactic to the people, my hope is 1000 other black market dealers with adopting a similar tactic, come out of the cannabis closet and demand inclusion in this legal market as well. A NOT GUILTY VERDICT would clearly signal to politicians to abandon this WHITE ONLY industry plan and INCLUDE the current black market into the legal realm.”

One thing that is clear is, cannabis has and always will be essential in the Garden State.